This project was designed for the D&AD competition in collaboration with Black Girl Gamers.
The brief was to create a brand identity and campaign for Black Girl Gamers. It should be fun, quirky and down to earth whilst expressing a passion for gaming. It must also grow the influence of black women in gaming.
To tackle the first part of the brief, the brand, I created a fun and positive brand that made use of comforting colours and typefaces to increase its approachability to potential members. Alongside the logo and gradient, which is prominent throughout the brand, I promoted BGG using representation as a key factor in showing exactly what the organisation is about - black girls who game.

As for the campaign side of the brief, I chose a social facing outcome.

I conducted my own research into Black Girl Gamers and identified multiple problems, most of which can be categorised as social problems. I had multiple responses from members saying they felt left out from other communities and struggled to find other Black Girls who game.
For my solution, I decided on a competition between BGG members to create their own BGG skin on Fortnite that represents the community. This representation of Black Girl Gamers would increase inclusivity within the gaming community, and also by using the skin it makes it easier for Black Girl gamers to identify eachother and form a community.

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