Introducing my FMP University project - KitSwap. 

For my research project, I investigated the economic and environmental sustainability in football. This research found that one of the most unsustainable aspects of the sport is actually the football kits. Most of todays kits are made from man-made materials which manufacturing process releases tonnes of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere, and on top of that, the majority of fans simply throw away their old kits. More kits are being purchased now than ever, which is increasing the amount being produced by companies each year. How can we create a solution that not only lowers the amount of kits being purchased, but also encourages fans not to simply throw away old kits?

Introducing KitSwap, a UK based service that gives football fans the ability to swap kits at the click of a button. By visiting the KitSwap website fans can purchase a swapbox which gets sent straight to them. They then send their kits in this swapbox back to KitSwap, where their box is sent off to another fan requesting a kit, and they get sent someone else’s shirt. This increases sustainability within football, whilst also offering fans the chance to get completely random kits for a simple delivery fee. Don’t drop it, KitSwap it.

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