A freelance branding project for the car wrapping service It's Wrapped.

The brief set by the client was a simple yet exciting one, to create a brand for their new company, It's Wrapped. I was given freedom with the branding which allowed me to experiment with multiple styles which I then took back to the client to see which they liked best. Out of my initial logos, the client highlighted they liked the y2k style most, and wanted to pair it with a bold font to make the brand stand out. I took this information and got to work, producing multiple options before pitching these to the client.
We reached a solution that suited the brand style and its target market, whilst fusing both y2k and modern aesthetics. The end result was 2 logos, the first which is a simple IT'S WRPD icon to be used in placements like car stickers or social media icons. The second logo is a longer logo including the full brand name to be used in merchandise or social media templates. You can visit its_wrapped_ on instagram to see how this project is being used in the real world, and take a look on my own instagram profile @jhellarddesign to see the post there.

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