This is a freelance project for Caerphilly & RCT Hockey Club.

In this project I was commissioned by the Chairman of Caerphilly & RCT Hockey Club (previously known as Llanishen & Caerphilly Hockey Club) to create a new badge and social media presence for the club. I was immediately excited for the project due to it being vastly different from my previous ones, specifically due to creating a club badge suitable for unique placements like kits and merchandise, exclusive to this style of project.

For the badge itself, the club stated they'd like to keep the shape of the previous badge, whilst also keeping 2 of the icons on there and adding 2 more. They also expressed how they wanted the typeface with the badge to be Calibri. I played around with the requirements whilst communicating with the client, and came to the above badge as the solution. I decided to add 2 hockey sticks behind the badge, to not only represent the sport itself but also make the badge feel more unique and original. As for the selected colours, I used ones requested by the club to match their kits.
After creating the final badge, it was time to move onto the social media posts. They requested a matchday graphic and match results graphic, as well as a post that could showcase monthly fixtures for both the 1st and 2nd team. I used a consistent slick style throughout all 3 to create a brand identity for social media, as well as creating headers for both Facebook and Twitter.

Overall this was a very fun project, allowing me to fully explore sports graphics as well as creating an outcome to suit the club, its players, and its community.

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